Hello! My name is Whitney! And welcome to my site WhitneyDolo!

I decided to start a blog in December of 2015. It was actually one of my 2015 New Year’s Resolutions! Through the help of some great people, I was able to squeeze out my first blog post before the year was over.

The main reason I wanted to start a blog was to share my life experiences in hopes that individuals with disabilities can relate, and that those without the pleasure of disability can gain some insight. You see, I am a few body parts short of a full deck. I don’t have my full right arm or my full right leg. Though most people (including doctors, new friends and my personal favorite—strangers) see this as a problem that is worth commenting on, I see it as a huge life perk.

I currently spend a lot of time volunteering with quite a few different national and local organizations. When I’m not running around town volunteering, I like to keep my life “pinteresting” with hobbies like pinterest (get it?), knitting, quilting and some other sewing.

I’m only 25, with a lot of life left to live! Please enjoy sharing this journey with me!

If you have any questions or would like to get a hold of me, I can be contacted at