One of my favorite pastimes is online dating. I know it sounds silly, but there is something so intriguing about having the opportunity to meet someone new, any time of day, without having to put on pants! Though dating can be really fun, it can also take a toll on a person’s psyche with the regular rejection from people who may have only glimpsed a picture of you.

There was a time in my not too far away life where I honestly viewed dating as a hobby. So much so that I caught the attention of some of my friends who became curious on how I could be so confident meeting new people while explaining to them my lack of fingers and toes. I like to put my disability right out there. I typically don’t make it my first picture, but I do make sure that there are pictures posted that you can clearly see that I wear a prosthesis and don’t have two hands (just like the one above). Even still, I’ve had guys tell me that they didn’t realize that I have a disability in my photos!

When it comes to the writing portion of a dating profile, I like to write something sassy and positive to describe my disability. Something like, “a few limbs short of a full deck”, “unable to play myself in a thumb war”, or “partially bionic = not water proof” shows that I’m confident and open to talking about my disability.

Now, there is a slight risk of exposure to people that have fetishes to people with disabilities. This is something to always keep in mind, but not something to be afraid of. Luckily, the internet gives you plenty of options to block and report people, so you’ll always have that on your side.

If a guys gets lucky enough to have me accept an invitation to meet him in person, I always make sure to blatantly mention my disability. The last thing I want is for some dummy to be so clueless that he is in shock when he meets me. (It hasn’t happened yet!)

I know that I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, and I know very well that many people are not mine, so I take no offense when someone doesn’t match with me or never responds to a message. We exist in a dating world that is very superficial. It can be very scary to put yourself out there if you aren’t secure about yourself. If that’s the case, I would suggest staying away from online dating. It’s fast paced and can lead to quick heartaches if you aren’t ready.

I’m no dating expert of course! I just view it as a fun way to experience new things. With that being said, I am always available to solicit advice from! Write to me and I’ll do my best to turn that dating frown upside down and show you how to stay on the positive side of online dating!